I'm Hailing 

(pronounced high-ling)

and I want to be the next Councilman of District 20.

Hailing Chen (pictured above) is running for City Council to fight for REAL SOLUTIONS to the most urgent problems our community faces: safety, a real recovery from the pandemic, stopping gentrification, and providing economic security for all. 


Since immigrating from Fujian province to New York City at the age of 14, Hailing worked in restaurants to help support his family, and then drove for Uber to work his way through college at St. John’s University.


As a driver, he saw the long hours, low pay, and lack of benefits that workers in the gig economy face. So he decided to fight for change: Hailing organized a union of drivers that won a 44% pay increase, benefits, and more rights on the job for New York City’s 100,000+ for-hire vehicle drivers.


In the pandemic, Hailing led PPE and food distribution efforts, and his team has helped over 600 of our elders book vaccine appointments. 


Hailing is fighting for immigrant workers because he knows the struggle – personally.


Hailing attended East West International for Studies in Flushing and went on to study at St. John’s University in Queens. He began driving for Uber, like 85,000 other New Yorkers hustling to make a living in a city of rising rents and stagnant wages.


Like many other drivers, he found himself on a treadmill of low pay, long hours, and deepening debt. But instead of just trying to get a better job, Hailing decided to organize his fellow drivers to make their job better.

For the past three years, Hailing has been a leader for better pay, benefits, and rights on the job for Uber and Lyft drivers with the Independent Drivers Guild, a Machinists Union affiliate.


He has brought drivers together in protests that rocked City Hall for pay regulations and reforms to protect drivers.


When tragedy struck the driver community through suicide, death on the job, and the COVID pandemic, Hailing worked with community organizations and benefits providers to provide crucial support.


a voice for the community

Hailing Chen knows exactly how New York City runs on immigrant labor, because he is one of the workers who keeps the city moving. He has seen the City of New York fail immigrant workers. That’s why he is running for City Council – to build a city that works for all of us.


Hailing pictured on the busy intersection of Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue. Located in the heart of Flushing, Queens.